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Munna Bhai Mbbs Mp4 Mobile Movie Download Irefre

His gang consists of his 'bhai' (Uncle), his brother who wants to be a gangster too, and Munna's girlfriend, Shobha. One day Munna helps two young orphans, Rohan (Sonu Sood) and Hansa (Zarina Wahab), who are accused of stealing money from a temple, get out of trouble. He gets caught in the process and gets thrashed, but he does not tell anyone about it. After a few days Munna meets Sunaina (Irrfan Khan), a girl who wants to be a music producer. She asks Munna to produce her film, which he does. Munna gets Sunaina's song into the film, which is a huge hit. But one of Sunaina's friends tries to kill Sunaina because she believes that Sunaina stole her song from her, which actually belonged to Sunaina. Sunaina files a case against Munna and Shobha. Munna gets a call from his brother, who is a local gangster, who wants to avenge his brother. Munna gives the call to Rohan and Hansa and they help Munna by killing the local gangster's gang. Munna sends his gang to find Rohan and Hansa. The gang kills them and Munna is forced to call Sunaina to ask her to write a song for him. Sunaina refuses and threatens to call the police, which Munna agrees to. Rohan and Hansa help Munna and Shobha in escaping from the police, and they decide to start a gang together and go after Rohan and Hansa. Munna's gang kills Rohan and Hansa, but Munna does not reveal that he killed them because it was not his mistake. Munna goes to Sunaina's house to meet her, but she refuses to talk to him and says that she is engaged to Anshuman (Mushtaq Khan), Sunaina's friend. Munna helps Anshuman and his friend climb up to the roof of Sunaina's house, where they kill Sunaina. Munna, Anshuman, and their friend flee Mumbai after escaping from the police. Munna is pleased that he got rid of Sunaina and he can have Anshuman and their friend as gang members. Trimmed down a little from the original version, this is a decent, lighthearted, fun film. Munna is a very likeable character with a lot of heart. He is a good guy

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