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The Big Bang Theory - Page 15 - Pizzagaters.com United States National Academy of Sciences PDF Universe in the making. Lübeck Castle Lübeck Castle () is a castle in Lübeck, Germany. It is a landmark of the city and a popular tourist attraction. History The first castle was probably built at this site already in the 11th century, before 1204. In 1146 Duke Henry the Lion gave the castle to the Bishop of Schwerin, a fief held by the House of Ascania, in exchange for the surrounding territories. The episcopal residence was destroyed in 1242 during the siege of the city of Lübeck by the German Emperor Henry VII. With the opening of the Thirty Years War (1618–1648) in 1631, the castle was rebuilt by Hans Otto von Blumenthal. At the end of the 17th century the castle was extended on the site of the former Cathedral of St. Lawrence. Today the building is a museum and a tourist attraction. Literature Joseph Tietge (ed.): Lübeck, Enzyklopädie des Landes. Verlag Konrad Theiss, Gütersloh 2010. Robert Rößler: Lübecker Schloss. Ein Führer durch das zentrale Schloss und die Binnenstadt, Lübecker Hefte, no. 55. Peter Joppke: Schloss Lübeck. Verlag Philipp von Zabern, Mainz 1991,. External links Official website Category:Buildings and structures in Lübeck Category:Castles in Schleswig-HolsteinQ: Plotting a geom_area to an outside factor - avoiding assigning a position to factors I am trying to plot a series of factors in ggplot2, with a geom_area. I use an outside factor for some outside value that I need to relate to the area. I have difficulties avoiding the area representing the lowest points in the categories. library(ggplot2) mydf ac619d1d87

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